The Shoots & Me

Meet Christmas tree tier Signe Geil

A Christmas tree is a fairytale. I am born and raised in the forest. Together with lego, Christmas trees are my favourite thing. I hav wandered endless hours around the trees, and occasionally eaten them. They have this sour-fresh taste and a very beautiful unique spring colour. This is where my idea of Nordictannengeil started and I started my Christmas tree fairytale delivering Christmas tree shoots to the est restaurants in Denmark.

Every shoot brings a fairytale to the plate

The Shoots

A seasonal nordic taste

Christmas tree shoots are a seasonal product is delivered as soon as they jump, expected in June 2016. It is a fresh product with a unique color that can be used for everything from syrup to vermicelli, fresh topping.

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Enjoy the taste of the nordic nature raw, in paste or pickled

The Shoots

Certified and environmental friendly


The shoots have not been sprayed or otherwise inedible had contact with the chemical insecticides. Furthermore, the trees are grown by Global GAP (Good Agricultural Practice) and Original Nordmann Certification.

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